Celtic Property are a family-run firm based in Monmouthshire, South East Wales.

Celtic Property are run by three generations of builders under the leadership of Tudor Vers.
We employ a team of craftspeople many of whom have been trained by us and have worked with us for years.
Some of our teams come from the same families – fathers, sons and brothers working together.

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Meet the Team


Project Director

Tudor is the creative and logistical driving force behind Celtic Property. It is him you will talk to about your ideas and he will stay across your project until you get the keys. Tudor keeps all the plates in the air and is bursting with value engineering ideas and design solutions. “We only have happy customers" he says, "and I want to keep it that way."


Lettings Director, Avarla Living Ltd

Julie manages all of Celtic Property’s homes for rent through her company Avarla Living Ltd. She says: “I prefer to build up a good relationship and rapport with our tenants so we can deal quickly with any problems which may arise. Word spreads that we are good landlords and our tenants stay - which is good for everyone.”


Celtic Project Leader

Julie's son, Matthew, has been with Celtic Property since joining as an apprentice carpenter six years ago. Now he’s a Project Leader and enjoys the creative side of working with customers to realise their vision. “I particularly love working with different types of wood from softwood to oak, even natural stone to deliver the look people want”.


Celtic Project Leader

Tudor's son, Jordan, has been with Celtic Property for 7 years, working his way up from being a labourer, through the apprenticeship scheme, training as a site manager and on to being Project Leader. He's been managing the Monmouth site - delivering a new school gymnasium in 8 weeks.


Celtic Finishing Foreman

Andy has an eye for detail and is in charge of snagging all our projects and making sure the finished building meets our clients expectations. He trained as a painter but can turn his hand to anything - or call on other Celtic craftsmen to help. "I have the best job of all" says Andy "because I get to see the smile on our customer's faces".


Celtic Project Leader

Grant has worked in the construction industry since the age of 16 and is one of our most experienced project leaders. Even so, he says he still relies on teamwork and the skills of the craftsmen he leads. “All of our tradespeople are spot-on” he says “and between us and Tudor we can get anything sorted”.


Celtic Master Craftsman

Mike is a master of wood. He's been with Celtic for six years and a carpenter for 20. Like all Celtic Master Craftsmen, he is multi-skilled. "I'm always amazed how quickly it all comes together from a shell to the finished product - always amazed". "And you can't do enough for a good boss and Tudor is a good boss"


Celtic Master Craftsman

Louis has been working with Celtic for 8 years, along with his brother's Geoff and Jake. "It's a good thing working with your family", he says "we all work for each other, we are all grafters". "I love stone work most of all", he says. Outside of work, Louis has a passion for birds of prey.


Celtic Master Craftsman

Geoff's primary skill is as a bricklayer, but he enjoys turning his hand to other things, too. "I particularly love stonework as it makes a change from the uniformity of brick and blockwork". Geoff enjoys interracting with customers: "They are always interested in what we do and how we go about it - it is appreciated."


Celtic Master Craftsman

Jake has been with Celtic for five years - first as a bricklayer before progressing on to other skills. "Tudor has looked after us all and kept us all in work. There's no atmosphere and we just all get on with the job - it's great to work for Celtic.".


Celtic Master Craftsman

Ashley came to Celtic about 5 years ago as a bricklayer, but can now turn his hand to most tasks. He particularly enjoys interpreting architects drawings, setting out and visualising a structure before setting about the task of building it for real.


Celtic Craft Apprentice

Jake's son, Daniel, has been training with Celtic for two years. He says: "What I am learning here will set me up for life - it is an incredibly valuable opportunity to learn with people who know their trade like the rest of the team".


Celtic Craftsman

Louis' son Carl trained with Celtic, initially as a bricklayer and groundsman. He's been with us for five years and says block work is still the favourite part of his job. "I take great pride in my job and love seeing a building grow."


Celtic Craftsman

Andy's brother, Mark, came to Celtic as a painter and decorator but now turns his hand to other finishing tasks as well. He's been with us for 4 years. "We're all together, working together, having a laugh, keeping our spirits up, we spark off each other and that keeps the energy levels up."


Celtic Master Craftsman

Paul has been with Celtic with his son Connor for about 6 years. They really transform our construction projects when they line, plaster and render.


Celtic Craftsman

"Working with my Dad means we understand each other - which gets the job done" says Connor. He's been with us for six years and says he loves his work. His favourite part of the job though "Going Home" he says!

Safety Policy

Safety on site is our top priority.  We care about it, we train for it and we deliver it – in accordance with all the latest Health and Safety guidelines.  We have great teams and we want to keep them.

Celtic in the Community

As well as providing steady employment to around 30 local men and women, Celtic Property and Lettings Ltd play an active role in our community.

We are proud sponsors of Bargoed Rugby Club and – Matthew plays for the team – and Ynysddu Football Club.

Tudor Vers has also invested in The Corn Exchange initiative in Crickhowell.